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Communications Management has been working with Goldsmiths, University of London, on the #MadeItHappen campaign since the autumn of 2015. The overall aim of the campaign was to improve consistently disappointing National Student Survey (NSS) scores. These NSS results come despite Goldsmiths investing significant resources in major improvements to student facilities and support. The campaign delivered a series of unique art installations across the University’s campus, underpinned by a creative social media and internal communications campaign.


Communications Management created a multi-tiered, multi-platform campaign concept that incorporated social media, physical installations and exclusive events, combining it with the creative and academic work of Goldsmiths’ students. We used all the channels available to us, to ensure we engaged all key audiences. Work included:

  • Creating the hashtag #MadeItHappen that was used across all channels
  • Production of supporting collateral, stickers and posters that were placed around the campus, especially in areas that had been improved as a result of student feedback
  • Students were invited to submit their own work as part of a series of guerilla exhibitions, again raising the levels of interest, engagement and support in the campaign
  • After an overwhelming student response, dozens of pieces of original and exclusive student work were whittled down to just six guerrilla exhibitions.



The campaign played a key part in improving the culture and student experience including:

  • An uplift in student satisfaction. Courses including design, sociology, visual cultures and politics all have satisfaction ratings of 90% or above
  • This year’s student survey results have indicated improvements in teaching, learning resources, assessment and feedback giving Goldsmiths an overall satisfaction rating of 83%
  • The #MadeItHappen campaign was also a successful example of multi-disciplinary working and cross-team project management.  Communications Management developed the creative campaign, and worked with multiple stakeholders from across Goldsmiths to ensure the project was delivered successfully.