Salford Business School


Communications Management was commissioned by Salford Business School  to devise and deliver a campaign in India, China and the Middle East to drive interest in, and applications to, the school's flagship MBA programme.


  • With only five months before the start of the programme, a media relations campaign around bursary offers was recommended.
  • Communications Management advised the School that bursary offers for fully-funded places on the programme would make an attractive proposition and generate media interest, attracting  the attention of prospective students.
  • Case studies of current students and MBA graduates from each of the three territories were developed for media purposes and country specific media releases were produced to target the widest possible audience with the bursary offer.
  • In addition to issuing releases and case studies to the media, the bursary offer was promoted via social media networks in each country.


The media coverage secured included:

  • Middle East: 19 pieces of media coverage including: Gulf News, Ame Info, Zawya, Sky Financial News, World.einnews,com, The Financial Herald and
  • India: 28 pieces of coverage including: Indian Education Review,, Hindustan Times, The Times of India, new India Express, and
  • China: 14 pieces of coverage including: Shanghai Evening Post, Beijing Evening News, Southern Metropolis Daily,, and

Despite having only 14 days from issue of the releases to the closing date for entries the school received applications meeting the high entry criteria (including 1st class honours first degrees) from all the countries targeted. They also received many more applications from students who were not eligible for the full bursary but still wanted to apply to the school nonetheless. In total four bursaries were awarded instead of three, as the school was so pleased with the quality of the applications.