In house PR support

Many of our clients hire us to provide ongoing or targeted support for their marketing and communications teams. We have access to a network of highly skilled specialists who have worked in the education sector for many years and can support all of your PR needs. We can provide strategic advice or practical support, or just bring fresh ideas and new perspectives to inspire your team.

Over our 30 years we have worked with many clients to deliver retainer PR programmes in which our team members become an embedded addition to the in-house communications and PR operation. This approach helps us to work in close partnership with client teams and means we can add value by providing additional capacity or a required focus on particular messages, audiences, geographical markets or a set of products and programmes. On occasion, we have in-placed our consultants within the client’s PR office so that we are ever-present and contributing to a flow of ideas and opportunities. Because many of our consultants are former in-house PR staffers, they provide ready-made experience and ‘fit’ with the client culture.

“We worked with the Communications Management team over three years to help build our profile as one of the UK’s most significant independent higher education institutions. They delivered a flow of media coverage that helped build recognition for our areas of academic expertise and provided high level advice to guide our positioning in the HE sector. I am happy recommend their work and professional practice.”

Angie Milan,

Director of Marketing, Recruitment and Communications, GSM London

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