Education in the criminal justice system

From early intervention onwards through to rehabilitation, there is a proven role for education in the advancement of social justice. Additionally, the evidence of a causal link between crime and education is mounting, and there are thousands of anecdotal tales of where teaching has impacted the most hardened and embittered young offender in a profoundly positive way. Education in prison is high on the Government’s agenda with the introduction of ‘Super’ Governors to ensure that offenders can make the best possible contributions to society on their release, and that young people have the literacy and numeracy skills necessary to find jobs or further their education.

Furthermore, with the announcement that from 2020 new entrants to the police service will require a degree, Universities are having to turn their attention to what they can offer to students and how to ensure we have an effective and modern police service.

With a long career in criminal justice communications and experience in the education sector at a strategic level, our Director of Strategy Hannah Gardiner and her team can help join the worlds of criminal justice and education and offer the insight needed for the private sector to enter these important sectors.


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